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No matter when your clients call you can give them the information they need and Our Web Page .Org will do it all for you!

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We offer you, the visionary entrepreneur, and smart, small business owner, the opportunity to bring your business onto the web.

      Our Web Page .Org will set-up, or design a web site that follows your business colors and style and more importantly, we will maintain a web page for you. We will update it monthly, or more, depending on your needs.

      Use your web page to:
Post your schedules.
Provide a map for your clients to find you.
Explain your services.
List catalogs and brochures and notices.
Detail special events.
Direct clients who call your office answering machine to see your web page for 'round the clock' information. Important!
Professional E-mail address for a better image.
      *Forward your E-mail to anywhere you want.

       You will think of more ideas specific to your field for Our Web Page .Org to quickly put on your website.

       This is an exciting time for your business and Our Web Page .Org will be there to help the whole way.

       You just give us the information and your site will be current, updated and valuable. Your clients will appreciate all the information you give us to put on the web, and it will be available 24 hours a day, every day!

Actions speak louder than words.  See what words Our Web Page .Org earned from our actions!  Our clients are very pleased with their websites and every webpage we've made for them.

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Click on these examples of our Clients' Web Pages, each one demonstrates a special feature:

Air Castles and Slides Entry page and first page includes happy children sounds for this children's moonwalk jump house rental company. www.aircastlesandslides.com

Natalie's Way Foundation The water on the top actually moves like water when you 'run your fingers' (mouse) through it. This website is for a golf fund raising event to raise money for Albinism (Albino) and vision problems associated with it.

Arthur Murray International Original art work,  two ballroom characters dance. Also notice 'blinds' effect when the page starts. Look under directions for "MapBlast" example. Lots of photos from the 'Famous' Ball room dancing experts; Arthur Murray Dance Studios. www.arthurmurraynj.com 

Ask The Chef Questions Effective use of black as a background with awesome photos on a one page website for a membership website to have a personal chef answer cooking questions.

Chef For Me Another effective use of black and photos for a professional, personal chef service. www.chefforme.com

Wolf Visions  You can actually hear the howling wolves on this educational wolf website about wolves which will visit with your group. www.awolf.org

Jump City Letters jump and drop from the top of the page!  Includes "YAHOO" map.
Lilov Fencing Academy Use of frames and sport website with many pages. www.jumpcity.net

Stitch Of Gold Embroidery Unlimited Embroidery Catalog of designs with order form. www.stitchofgold.com

My CCD Teacher CCD Class Students can actually take on line tests and play games (loosely related to the topic) when they have finished their test.

Homeschool Prom  Mouse trails, move your mouse around and watch what follows you.  Also look on next year's prom for another variation. Each prom website has a different feel reflected. We designed the homeschool prom website 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003. www.homeschoolprom.com

Frank's Automotive Service Moving banner (marquee) across the top of the page incorporated into Frank's car repair logo. www.franksautomotiveservice.com

Henderson's Gymnastics Academy Large gymnastics site with more buttons on every page.  Also check out how 'directions' works with an "Expedia" map.

Tingley Preschool The page picks up the 'busy' feeling at the preschool.  See the 'facility' to see graphics and photos used together. www.tingleypreschool.com

Rettig's Gymnastics Training Center See the original buttons with Rettig's logo. Also has gymnastic registration forms on line.

Champion Moving & Storage
Packing form to estimate costs for this long distance commercial and residential moving company. www.championmovingandstorage.com

George's Moving & Storage Moving form to estimate total residential and commercial moving costs. www.georgesmoving.com

MoonWalkSafety inflatable jump bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses safety rules laws and procedures.  Video, slides and lessons to keep party children, all guess safe. www.MoonWalkSafety.com

Fencing Score Pads Short, simple two page website that sells a product (scorepads) and teaches students, parents, athletes, coaches, directors and referees for free, - at the same time. www.fencingscorepad.com
Alpha Wolf's Academy  School Entry Page fades into 'classroom' for a private, individualized education program. Actually a school on line which could work for staff development too.  Many, many links.

Encore Center for Performing Arts Dance School entry page. Unique and artistic navigational system for this dance school. 

Truck Tech Inc. Unique and themed navigational system for this truck repair shop. www.trucktechnj.com

Licensed Inflatables  Contains educational safety video and slide program for on line moonwalk (bounce houses) training program. www.LicensedInflatable.com

Jump Houses Easily see all company's bounce house products on every page with effective use of the boarders. 

Kids Party Jungle Safari themed Indoor Family Entertainment Center for children's parties. Example of a website following a specific theme in all aspects of the website.

Henderson's Camp U.S.A. Summer Day Camp program website which includes many animated children's graphics doing a wide variety of children's activities, including sports (such as gymnastics, baseball, and basketball) swimming, dance, arts and crafts, rock wall climbing and more Summer Day camp activities. The animated graphics work very nicely in this 'child focused' website. Camp banner is also made from the same artwork for a unified look. www.hendersonscampusa.com

Bounce Houses This jump house company website has a different, 'layered' format. See if you like it. The moonwalks and other products (popcorn and snow cone machines) are each given their own sections. www.bouncecity.com

Have Pony Will Travel Here we revisited a previous design and updated it for this children's pony party rental company. The links are associated with horses and ponies either for education, restoration and/or as horse and pony party rentals. It is important to have relevant links on a website. www.haveponywilltravel.com

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